Teacher Tools Related to ClassWide Peer Tutoring

List of tools

  • Classwide Peer Tutoring: The "Standard" Program

    ClassWide Peer Tutoring is a comprehensive procedure that is based on reciprocal peer tutoring and group reinforcement to accelerate the process of learning and practicing basic academic skills.

  • Classwide Peer Tutoring: Learning Management System

    The ClassWide Peer Tutoring – Learning Management System combines the standard ClassWide Peer Tutoring Program with a computerized teacher support program that provides a formative evaluation system, a teacher mentor, and the capability for creating data and performance graphics.

  • Classwide Peer Tutoring: Beginning Reading

    The ClassWide Peer Tutoring: Beginning Reading program was developed from the standard program in order to provide the effectiveness of the peer tutoring experience to very young children as they acquire basic learning skills for becoming readers.

  • Implementing The Classwide Peer Tutoring Beginning Reading Program

    The ClassWide Peer Tutoring Beginning Reading Program is taught and implemented in a series of steps resulting in the facilitating of students' achievement, acquisition, and mastery of the basic skills needed to learn to read. The program incorporates a stimulus-response, error correction, tutoring technique and game format that benefits both the tutor and the tutee.

Developed by: 
Barbara Terry, Ph.D.,
University of Kansas