Processes for collaboratively solving problems utilize expertise of different persons in systematic and satisfactory ways.

Cooperative Teaching

Co-Teaching is an approach to instruction in general education classrooms in which the general education teacher and another adult (e.g., special education teacher, speech/language pathologist, etc.) work in a coactive and coordinated fashion to more effectively include students with learning/behavioral needs into heterogeneously grouped classroom environments.


Strategies are identified for developing teams to meet specified needs, planning team activities, and facilitating team decision-making.

Working Effectively with Paraeducators

Employing paraeducators to provide instructional support to students changes the role of the classroom teacher or consulting teacher. While it increases the professional status of teachers, it requires substantial time to be spent on supervision. While supervisory responsibilities may be shared among professionals in a program, grade level, or building, additional time, skills, and research are required.