Creating a Schedule

Why is it important to create a schedule?

Too many times schools try to create more inclusive programs without thinking about the collective schedules across teachers, and many times they schedule the special educator and the students with disabilities last. For teachers to have collaborative planning time and for the maximum support possible for students with disabilities, schools have found the process for students with disabilities easier, if students with disabilities are scheduled first. Once schedules are developed for students with disabilities, then the special educators, working collaboratively, create their own schedules designed to best meet the needs of students and ensure plan time with their co-teaching partners.

Creating a perfect schedule
Now that you have reviewed some of the unique ideas presented in each of the example schedules, use the blank form to create your perfect schedule. Don't forget to schedule lunch and planning time, but also consider the use of a "support" period. Once you have created the perfect schedule, step back into reality to see what is possible and what changes might have to be made by you or your school to be most effective in using a co-teaching model.