Writing IEP Goals and Objectives

How can measurable IEP goals and objectives be written that are compatible with the use of CBM? 

Once the goal has been calculated, a Long Range Goal (LRG) can be written using the following formula:

In _______ (number of weeks until next IEP review) when presented with stories from Level ________ (level number in which the student currently reads 30-60 wpm) in ______________ (name of reading series) _________ (student's name) will read aloud _________ words correctly.

The following format can be used to write an IEP objective: 

Each successive week, when presented with a random selection from Level _________ (same as for LRG) ______________ (name of reading series) __________ (student's name) will read aloud at an average increase* of _____ wpm. 

* The average weekly increase is the aimline and can be obtained from calculating the numeric value of the aimline (see determining the trend [slope]).